Escape Reality Challenge

Xscape Reality Cardiff

Last week we were challenged to give Escape Reality in Cardiff a go.

The Escape Reality experience is highly competitive and fun challenge aimed at getting you to work together with your team members to solves puzzles to escape rooms..remember the Crystal Maze? it’s very much like that.

Players are locked in a room and must work together to solve challenges and find their way out in 60 minutes.
We went along as team FD and chose to do the JUNGALA room – an adventure based around the board game Jumangi.

Our team members were:

  • myself- mum
  • dad
  • and the kids: 12, 11 and 7 years old.

I won’t show you what was in the room as I don’t want to spoil any fun but I must say we were very impressed by the level of scene setting and detail. We really were transported into a great adventure…

Xscape Reality Cardiff
Xscape Reality Cardiff

The kids enjoyed themselves loads, the challenges were quite challenging and really got us working together. We did argue on occasion (OK, we argued a lot!) but we went in as a team and we battled through the jungle and came out the other side… triumph.

Xscape Reality Cardiff - Jungala escape room

We chose the most sedate room as were on a family fun quest but the array of different rooms was pretty cool and having had an exclusive peek into them they looked awesome and enticing to a more grown up audience.

Other rooms included:

  • Enigmista
  • The Heist
  • Alcatraz
  • Fibonacci
  • Misery
Xscape Reality Cardiff - The Rooms

Afterwards we were able to sit in the lounge/bar area and laugh about our experience.

Xscape Reality Cardiff - The Bar

The 12 year old was so impressed that he’s asked to go again with his mates. I’d say that’s the thumbs up.

Xscape Reality Cardiff

Can you Escape Reality?

Disclosure: As a real treat, Escape Reality Cardiff invited us as guests. As a family, we couldn’t recommend somewhere we wouldn’t go ourselves.

We also enjoyed visiting Treetop Adventure Golf in Cardiff last year, loved Shake Shack in Cardiff for a birthday treat and Eden has taken some beautiful photos at Cardiff Bay.

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