Where Does The Time Go?


Where Does The Time Go?

Where does the time go?

We’ve spent the last week going through our worldly goods as we pack up to move on to the next stage of our lives, A ton of memories keep flashing back at us. Boxes of photos reminding us of a lifetime that’s running away from us but is still as fresh as yesterday in our minds…

Where Does The Time Go?
(Look how teeny biggest Ms FD and Biggest Master FD were, now 20 & 25)

Every day we question ourselves as parents and every day we reassure ourselves that one day we’ll sit back with a wealth of richness in the memories we have and the moments we’ve shared. One day we’ll sit back and smile at the moments we had as we raised our humans.

One day our nest will no doubt be empty and we’ll question where that time went but our hearts will always remain full of the days we spent raising our babies.

We’ve still got oodles of adventures ahead of us but boy oh boy have we got a load to look back on.

We’re unearthing so many past memories as we sort out and we’re reflecting, laughing, smiling, chuckling over changes. We’re absorbing in reflections and packing those moments back up to take with us to pastures new.

The packing itself is going quite well. We’ve been ruthless with shedding ‘stuff’ because it’s just ‘stuff’.

The most important thing we’ll be taking with us is memories and love, with very little pennies in our pockets I can assure you that we’ve all the wealth we need.

Where Does The Time Go?

Twenty years, right there, fleeted past, a moment, a photo. Faded, but as clear as yesterday.

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