Weetabuddy Adventure

Weetabuddy Adventure

After seeing the new Weetabix advert we decided to make our own Weetabuddies to come on an outdoor adventure with us!

So we created Mr & Mrs Bix with a little icing, some marshmallows & raisins & after a hearty breakfast we headed for the hills with our new hearty company in tow.

Here’s how we got on..

Our adventure took place in the Brecon Beacons in the hope of finding snow…


2015/01/img_0578.jpgwe found some icy puddles to skate on..

2015/01/img_0579.jpgwe could see snow in the distance so headed that way..

2015/01/img_0580.jpgand we found it!!

2015/01/img_0581.jpgkeeping our strength up with some Weetabix for Elevenses

2015/01/img_0583.jpgwe were filled with energy to build out snowman 🙂

2015/01/img_0584.jpgbreakfast with a beautiful view always goes down well & we had a fab time with our buddies in tow!


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