Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine's Day Ideas

We love Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air and it’s the perfect time for some affectionate crafting. Here are some of our favourite ideas.

Heart Stamp Cards

We made a heart card using a toilet roll dipped in paint. We used a cocktail stick (we cut off the sharp ends first) and some triangles to make an arrow which we stuck on with sticky tape. We finished it off by making a simple envelope. We folded a piece of paper and put matching heart prints on it.

Heart Stamp Cards - Valentine's Day Ideas

Potato Print Wrapping Paper

To do ‘wrapping paper potato printing’ we cut a potato into a heart shape and used it to make some heart-decorated wrapping paper.

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Heart stamp cards - Valentine's Day Ideas

Sun Catchers

Use permanent marker pens or chalk pens to decorate clear plastic cut out from old plastic food cartons.

Cherry Tomato Hearts

We made hearts with two cherry tomatoes. Simply cut them to get the right shape for half a heart and then push them together.

Heart Cherry Tomatoes - Valentine's Day Ideas

Eggs are not just for boiling. Decorate them with Sharpie permanent marker pens for Valentine’s Day!

You're cracking boiled egg - Valentine's Day Ideas

Tic Tac Love Book

Make a small book cover from a piece of card to wrap around a packet of tic tac sweets.

Tic Tac Love Book - Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine 3 in a Row

Cut out paper or card hearts and colour them in two different colours. Draw a simple ‘tic tac toe’ grid and challenge your friends to get three in a row first.

Valentine 3 in a Row - Valentine's Day Ideas

Love Lantern

Cut out paper or felt hearts and glue them to the outside of your jar.

Love Lantern - Valentine's Day Ideas

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Build An Under Table Den

Under table den - Valentine's Day Ideas

We made our under-table den using a single bed valance sheet, some sparkly material, artificial flowers and hoards of cushions and blankies to make it sumptuously comfy. We filled an old Champagne bottle with squash and searched the cupboards for the last of the Christmas chocolates. We finished it off by creating our stars to gaze at under the table with some battery-operated fairy lights.

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Valentine’s Candle

Use permanent marker pens to decorate your candle.

Valentine's Candle - Valentine's Day Ideas

Looking For Love Heart Hunt

We headed to the woods where I had already pegged hearts with slogans of love written on them onto the trees. Once all the hearts had been found, a special prize of a packet of cookie mixture was awarded. We headed home and made our cookies to give to Mr FD because, apparently, that’s way to a man’s heart. 

Heart Hunt - Valentine's Day Ideas

Love T-shirts

We used old t-shirts, a packet of felt-like dishcloths from Poundland and some multi-purpose glue to make our t-shirts. You could use fabric glue and felt if you would like to make them longer lasting but ours were just made to wear to our Love-themed dinner. We simply cut out our designs and stuck them on.

Valentine T-shirts - Valentine's Day Ideas

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Valentine Bath - Valentine Day's Ideas

Valentine Fairy Messages

A few times while Mila has slept we have left messages from the fairies for her to discover. You can draw a small heart on the child’s cheek and in the morning tell them it’s a little love from the ‘love’ fairy because they have been so nice and it’s to top up their heart with a little love. We also did this shortly after the birth of a sibling and Mila was in awe of her heart.

Fairy Messages - Valentine's Day Ideas

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Tin Can Love Lantern

Tin can love lantern - Valentine's Day Ideas

We filled an empty tin can with water and put it in the freezer to freeze overnight. Once frozen we took it out and used a nail and hammer to make our design. When we had finished, we ran the can under hot water to remove the ice inside. We popped in a battery-operated tea light to show off our design. This was made by a 10-year-old with supervision.

Love Letters

Any time is a perfect time to leave a letter on a pillow for someone to discover. I bought a net of chocolate hearts for £1 and a chocolate rose for £1 from the Co-op. I then wrote a letter to each of the girls just to remind them why I love them. I placed it on their pillows for them to discover.

Love letters - Valentine's Day Ideas

Natural Valentine Art

We went for a walk and collected leaves that were heart shaped. We then stuck them to a piece of paper with some bark to make a tree of love. We placed it in a frame to sit prettily in the window.

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