Valentine Themed Bath


IMG_0751We love themed baths!! It’s the perfect way to get the kids into the bath for a scrub up…we decided on a luxurious Valentines bath.

We used cut out paper hearts which we stuck to the tiles with blue tack and smaller cut out hearts which we used as bath confetti. We hung a bed net canopy onto the shower rail and entwined it with a string of battery operated fairy lights. The bathroom light bulb was exchanged for a red one and we surrounded the place with flowers. (we also had a mirror ball and a few balloons lying around which we hung up!)

The toilet was covered with an old red blanket with a cushion placed upon it.

finally we made a sign for the door and grabbed some yummy Flakes and Loveheart sweeties to enjoy whilst we soaked…IMG_0759








Our bath was a lovely yummy soak…until we were all wrinkly and had to get out 🙂

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