Under Table Space Rocket


Everybody loves dens!!

We decided to transform the kitchen table again and this time our mission was to head to space in an under table rocket with our toddler spaceman…

Here’s what we did…

Our prep started with making some alien sensory specimen bottles, we filled bottles with water & added a few drops of food colouring and some play dough outer space snakes..

20140512-175654.jpgwe bought some yummy Milky Way stars and some flying saucers to snack on as we headed to the moon…



We made our own solar system using ball pit balls and a football covered in tin foil..


We then set about building our rocket… I used a large piece of cardboard covered in wall paper for the flight deck & cut out a circle for the port hole..

At the other end I made the rocket entrance using a large box, I also covered this in wall paper and cut out a door, I only cut three side to the door to still enable us to open and close it..


I covered the table with an old black duvet cover and lay a blanket on the floor..


20140512-180438.jpgI then cut out two circles in the duvet to make our space rocket windows. I cut out some rings using silver card and stuck them to the duvet.


Finally I made a NASA sign 🙂

We then set about making our space outfit with a roll of tin foil…

We covered some wellies and added liberal amounts of tape around and around them…


We used a cardboard box covered with tin foil for our space helmet.


Our space suit was simply a white babygro with a printed NASA sign stuck to it..


I put the table by the window and closed the curtain, I then added some cut out moons and stars to the curtain

Once we had finished our space walk we headed back into the comfort of our rocket.

Making sure we left our moon boots outside 🙂


We played inside whilst we whizzed through the stars…

Under Table Space Rocket

(I used sticky tape to attach some battery operated fairy light to the under table ceiling.)

Under Table Space Rocket

Under Table Space Rocket

We had an out of this world time! Do try more Star Gazing Fun Ideas.

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