Under Table Ocean Den

under table ocean den

We love building dens. We love them in the house, in the garden, at the beach or in the woods. We simply adore letting our imagination take us to new places.

Under table dens are some of the simplest ideas to get you started. We wanted a watery theme without the wetness so chose an under the table ocean.

Our plan was to make a yellow submarine under the table but due to having no yellow paint I started by making the ocean viewing window that lets us see out from within our submarine.

This looks really effective and it’s simply made by wrapping cling film around the table legs and adding paper fishes and fairy lights.

What You Need To Make an Under Table Ocean Den

  • Table (obviously!)
  • Coloured paper/card
  • Felt tip pens to decorate the paper fish
  • Cling film (US = Saran Wrap)
  • Sticky Tape
  • Blue towel/sheet/table cloth for the ocean floor
  • Cushions (blue or green, if possible)
  • Battery operted fairy lights
  • Big table cloth to go over the top

Under Table Ocean Den Instructions

I started by cutting out lots of paper fish in coloured paper/card. The big kids helped decorate them with felt tip pens.


I wrapped cling film around the table legs and stuck the fishes to it.



I moved the table out from the wall so we could make our ocean den extend beyond our table. We put a large towel on the floor and added lots of cushions. We also stuck some paper fish to the wall.


Our ocean den then joined onto the table.


I placed battery operated fairy lights between the layers of cling film.


under table ocean den


We Made a Yellow Submarine Too

Then we set about making our submarine using a cardboard box with fold-out sides. This is an additional den to use with the under table ocean.

under table submarine

We placed our yellow submarine, ready to be boarded submerged, within the under table ocean.

under table submarine

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