Trampoline Date Night

Trampoline Date Night

So many families have a trampoline in the garden and it sits there unused when the kids go to bed. Here’s a quick way to transform your garden trampoline for parents to relax together and have a trampoline date night.

Add some battery-operated fairy lights around the edge for gentle illumination in the evening. (You can usually buy these in pound shops.)

Trampoline Date Night

Bring the living room cushions and scatter them so you lie and down and star gaze (or simply not see the mess in the garden).

Add your favourite tipple and glasses in a basket (so it doesn’t fall over while you climb on) and a big box of yummy chocolates to share.

Trampoline Date Night

You could write a special message to your loved one written in chalk or chalk pens (so it washes off easily).

Trampoline Date Night

More Ways To Use Your Trampoline

Trampolines are for so much more than just bouncing around. Have a look at these ideas for inspiration.

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