Tomorrow You Are 4

4. Tomorrow you are 4.

I’m not sure where the time went

And how it whizzed on by

When I tried to make it slow down

It raced before my eyes.

I remember the first day we met you

I’d kiss your teeny nose

I’d marvel at your fingers

And each teeny weeny toe

I held you tight right next to me

I tried to absorb the smell of you

I promised that I’d always be there

When you were in my arms & fresh & new

I nursed you during night times

I settled you without haste

I lay and stared with adoration

whilst your breath caressed my face

And whilst appreciating those moments

from the second that we met

I tried to imprint every single second

so that I’d really not forget

The first time that you said Mumma

The first time you saw the moon

The first steps you took all wobbly

As you adventured across the room

The giggles that you gifted us

The smiles you gave for free

The sparkle from within your eyes

When you were looking up at me

I wished that it would slow down

As the months turned into years

And your babbling turned to talking

And was music to my ears

But you just kept on growing

Your wings spreading more and more

As you grasped onto the world around you

And became eager to explore

But you still remained my baby

As you continued to take flight

I’d still cherish every moment

And stare at you in the middle of the night

My baby became a little boy

And eager to roam free

As he trundled right through toddlerhood

And right in front of me

He absorbed the world around him

He inspected simpleness

He learnt to root right through things

He learnt to make a mess

He learnt about about friendships

He learnt that he loved trains

He loved digging in muddy flowerbeds

And playing in puddles in the rain.

He didn’t need much routine

His most important thing was play

He’d awake with lots of enthusiasm

And a smile to start the day

He’d be happy in his own world

with no concept of time

And he’d still take my hand in his

When I reached out for him to hold mine

You see, he may be growing quickly,

The years may be whizzing by

His childhood may be fleeting

In the twinkling of an eye

And there’s nothing I can do to stop that

It continues to float on past

As I try to capture each memory

And make each moment last

And I will look back with fondness

And wonder where time flew

And remember that moment

When you were fresh, and small and new

The promise that I made to you

As I kissed your teeny nose

Without realising those teeny feet

Would soon be chunky toes

And I’d be left with a reflection

Of a time that sped right past

As I tried to absorb each moment

To ensure they’d always last

And now, as I lie next to you

Just like I did before

You’ve grow from that teeny weeny boy

And tomorrow you’ll be 4.
Love Mumma.

(Mrs FD ????)

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