Time Capsule Unearthing

We set out to the forest to unearth our time capsules that were buried 4 years ago. We took a pop up tent, flask of soup and some crusty bread. It took us nearly two hours to locate our capsule…oops 🙂 We also walked over logs, made dens and climbed trees.

Here’s how we got on…

We headed to the forest to unearth our time capsule before the forest completely disappeared due to felling…


We found the tree we had marked where we had buried our jars.


After nearly two hours we finally located our time capsule jars!


The kids had wrote letters to their future selves, including their favourite things, they’d placed a small toy, some money, trading cards, a car, a ninja turtle and some photos of themselves with their then nursery friends.


They sat quietly reading their letters…

And we all had a giggle at how they’d grown up.


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