The Thinking Bottle


We headed to the beach to clear our heads and breathe in some sea air, whilst there we stumbled upon Elfina (our Christmas visiting elf) and a Thinking Bottle sent to us from the North Pole by the ocean fairies wave express… Our very special bottle contains a thousand sparkles and twinkles from a million happy times. We shook it loads and it filled us with thoughts of happy times.

After the loss of a baby within the household a few weeks ago this was an opportunity to provide the siblings with a grieving tool to add a little happy thinking to their minds during a grieving process in which it’s normal & natural to have some sad times…

Everybody should have a Thinking Bottle to reflect on 🙂

Here’s how we stumbled upon our thinking bottle..

The Thinking Bottle…

I filled a bottle with water and glitter, I wrapped material around the lid securing with string and put on a sticker. I also placed some small shells and pebbles inside.


The thinking bottle label.


Whilst the kids explored the beach I placed Elfina and the thinking bottle.


The girls discovered it..


They were drawn to the one emerald that lay in amongst all the twinkly ‘thinks’ inside


We balanced stones.


Noah explored the rocks with his stubby little hands.


We wore wellies on the wrong feet with grazed knees.


We made our own solar system with the beach pebbles…. We were the centre of the universe.


We found a mermaid purse! Actually a shark egg, it seemed to finish off our magical adventure beautifully… We headed home with our thinking bottle and lots more lovely memories of our afternoon by the ocean…


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