The Magic Bottle

20140528-212255-76975620.jpgThe magic bottle.

I never thought a bubble bath bottle filled with water would enlighten me but I think it has, just a bit of plastic filled with water that’s a few days old has confirmed a perspective for me.

I want my kids to be happy. Everyone one does. We do happy things but we moan too….

Everyone does?

There’s always an argument or a battle to referee with this lot but I still endeavour to give them happy memories too even when I’m sometimes sat in amongst the moans and wondering ‘why do I bother’
But there’s always something that pops up out of the blue to reassure me and keep me on track…even though the kids still moan…..& scream & shout & laugh & smile.

Evidence of fairies & installing little pieces of magic into the kids is something i like to do, to be fair over the years they grow out of this and most often if we are lucky they enter into making the magic and belief themselves & passing it on, I find that the older kids take just as much joy making believe for their younger siblings as they did when they believed it themselves.

A few days ago Mila,5, was kicking about with a bubble bath bottle that she’d rescued from the recycling and had filled with water, I was in the throws of my own world of housework at the time and although I’d acknowledged it when she told me it was a fairy wish jar I’d brushed her off in the moment. She was happy to carry on and played with the bottle on and off for the next couple of days. I forgot about it.

Today picking the bottle up along with trails of toilet roll and a toothpaste tube whilst speed cleaning the bathroom I remembered.

It confirmed to me that influencing her with a little bit of magic and make believe really is being absorbed a keeping alive in her that beautiful and magical enchantment that we easily lose when we grow up.

So this is why I bother. Because childhood is magical, free & so very fleeting but so very easily remembered.

Tonight whilst she sleeps I’m going to place some fairy dust into that bottle and place it back on the bathroom floor.. I’ll say nothing but hope she comes to tell me again…

And if she does I will listen carefully.

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