The Last Present – Christmas Tradition

The Last Christmas Present
We always have a last present Christmas tradition. It’s kind of like a way of saying thank you and goodbye to the festive season.

It’s a family present that gives us a chance to spend some time together, encourages some reflection on our Christmas and puts a close on the festive season.

The last present sits under the tree and will not be unwrapped on Christmas Day…

Instead we wait until just before the new year, we’ll pull on our coats and wellies and head out to find a spot to have a winter Last Present Picnic.

We make sure that Santa brings some ‘outdoor’ orientated toys that are suitable for our picnic Play: air gliders, rocket balloons, buckets and spades, skipping ropes…

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When we get to our picnic spot we open the last present. Inside it will be filled with items to make a sumptuous hot chocolate with an array of toppings, sprinkles and squirty cream, a box of biscuits, new mugs, and a box of crackers to see Christmas out with a bang!

We feast on our wares and burn off some energy whilst blowing away some festive cobwebs in preparation for the New Year.

We watch the sun go down and head home to snuggle up in the warm.

It really is a lovely tradition to finish Christmas on.

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