The Blossom Tree

Today we walked to the blossom tree.

We’ve seen this blossom tree bloom, shed & weather a lot.

It’s outside our hospital in a beautiful park laden with squirrels adjoining.


Some of you may remember the blossom tree from a recent post.

We birthed our babies in the hospital, said goodbye to a child there, been cared for during miscarriages there & it’s became our second home with a dodgy heart in tow…

We walk through the park a lot.

Today we walked through the park to  look at the blossom and pick up its fresh fall.


It was beautiful.


We played in the park and made a blossom bunny and a blossom flower with a chocolate treat.

We left as a hailstone shower emptied from the blue skies. (Of which a hailstone directly fell to land bouncing off my eardrum, I swear!)

It was a lovely day which was made mostly by the hour in which we visited the blossom tree.

& a day to reflect, love and return home from.


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