Thank You For Your Time

Dear Mr FD, we’re not really into anniversaries. You know me, I forget.

But today I remembered.

You bought me a gift from eBay; 59p spent 4 months ago. You didn’t tell me and yesterday it landed on the mat.

It’s beautiful, and a great reminder of all I have.

They say spend time, not money…

Time waits for no-one. It doesn’t slow down, it races on by.

Every second is quality.

Time given is precious, time shared a gift.

Time should be well spent and I reckon we’ve spent it well and frivolously squeezing every last second out of each day.

Times we’ve laughed, times we’ve cried, times we’ve spent under beautiful blue skies and times we’ve weathered storms.

Time has given us so much, memories, age and a love that can’t be bought.

25 years and I cherish every single second.

I’d say I have all the time in the world because my world is you and you spend your time with me.

Thank you for the most precious gift of all.

Your presence, your time and your 59p well spent.

Happy anniversary Mr FD.

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