Tealight Mini Marshmallow Toasting

tealight marshmallow toasting

We love toasting marshmallows! On an open fire, over the gas hob and even by tealights…

There’s nothing better than being in the toasty warm inside, a good book, rain lashing at your window and hot chocolate in a mug. We love pink fluffy food so much we’ve even been to a Marshmallow Farm!

And it’s so easy to enjoy toasting mini marshmallows by tealight. Here’s how we did it…

First we gathered our hot chocolate.


Then we gathered our marshmallows on cocktail sticks, some squirty cream & sprinkles.

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Then we laid the coffee table with our mallow winter warming feast.


Finally we toasted ate ate until marshmallows came from our ears.

We enjoyed doing this again on our BFG Inspired Fun Day.

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