Summer Of Change Blossom Basket


This Summer we’re facing huge change in the house as the 11 year old transits from primary school and into big school. We’ve been here with 3 children already so know how she will blossom as she starts on a new path and sheds a little piece of her childhood that is left behind in primary school. It can be an exciting time with new things ahead but also a little scary and confusing as everything changes so rapidly.

It’s one step closer to our babies becoming adults…

With this in my mind I wanted to create a little basket of comfort for her, something in which she can dip in and out of when she needs to reflect on things which will still be close to her heart for many many years to come…

So I made her a Blossom Basket.

This was all inspired by a journal which was gifted to us by the fabulous aabe creative. It served as an inspiration and a beautifully apt centre piece to capture her thoughts and feeling and log her special moments which will become her future memories.


Along with the journal I also included:

  • a pen to write with
  • some bath bombs for when she needs to soak in the bath
  • her bunny bear which I sneaked out of her room
  • a small bottle of fairy dust to ensure she never loses her sparkle
  • some heart gummy sweets
  • a book to remind her she is always loved


  • some home made affirmation cards (quotes of encouragement)
  • a small painted pebble to remind her she ‘Rocks’
  • some roses to signify her blossoming
  • a shell to remind her that no matter where she may be she can always hear the ocean should she listen for it
  • her prom class photo


  • a bracelet with a heart charm to remind her that she should always believe in herself
  • Small bottle of scent which she can spray to remind her of summer
  • Finally, I popped in the poem 7 weeks of Summer which was written for her and held extra sentiment due to her reading it at her leavers assemble in her last week of little school.


Her beautiful journal was custom made and enabled me to chose a theme and have her name on it. It came with some really sweet stickers which would enable her to stick things onto the pages.


I popped it all in a basket and waited till we had a little smidgen of alone time and sat on her bed to present it to her.


She truly does rock 🙂


As I watched her delve into it with excitement I realised that my baby whom is blossoming right in front of my eyes will never ever truly grow up in my eyes.


She quickly dug into making her journal her own.


And hopefully in years to come she’ll be able to dig her summer of change blossom basket out and flick through the pages of a well loved and tattered journal which will remind her of her youth and the year in which everything changed and her wings grew…


Other things to include could be:

  • a bookmark
  • School Uniform Memory Cushion
  • Homework help tokens… For when she needs a break from study, she can trade one in for an ice-cream sundae or something like that
  • Plant something. Showing growth and blossoming
    Rosebush – if you look all rosebushes have names. So could get one appropriately named
  • A watch… they have to be so much more aware of their own time management.
  • A mix tape/CD/USB stick of songs from a happy chilled out summer.

You could include anything!!


I’d like to thank aabe creatives for gifting us the journal as it really did make our blossom basket wonderful. Please go and peek at their Facebook Page and check out their beautiful personalised stationery.

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