Stepping Back In Time At Tee Rex Golf

Tee Rex Golf Cardiff

We have a dinosaur obsessed 5 year old in the house along with Mr FD who is a big fan of crazy golf. So when we were asked if we knew about the new Tee Rex Adventure Golf we had to go and take a peek for ourselves. And we were not disappointed!
Situated in Cardiff, Tee Rex Golf is a prehistoric haven for any dinosaur fan. The scene setting and effects are on top form and the kids adored it…

The site is still in its infancy and the course itself has only been open for a few weeks. It looks set to be a fabulous location for a family fun day out.

In the pipeline is also a soft play area and fully functioning cafe. Really, what else could you want to keep the kids entertained?

The course is amazingly thought out and put together. And it’s great for all ages and imaginations. It’s perfect for explorers and adventurers with caves, volcanoes, waterfalls and lots more. There was even an interactive raft that the kids had to pull across a lake to the 11th hole!

The prices were very reasonable and the staff were really friendly. We can’t wait to revisit in the future to see how the place develops and we highly recommend it already.

Anyway, take a peek for yourselves. It really does speak for itself. Here’s how our afternoon looked…

Tee Rex Golf Cardiff

We all had a different coloured ball to stop confusion (and family arguments!)

Tee Rex Golf Cardiff

The scene setting was incredible and there were even speakers dotted around playing prehistoric sound effects.

Tee Rex Golf Cardiff

The kids thought it was fantastic.

Tee Rex Golf Cardiff

Have you seen our magical household Dinosaurs That Cause Havoc?

Tee Rex Golf Cardiff

Are you a part of our award-winning local exploration group? Family Days Local

‘Discovering hidden gems throughout South Wales & the surrounding areas’

Tee Rex Golf Cardiff

The attention to detail was impressive and the kids especially loved the raft that they needed to use to get to the 11th hole.

And there was lots of evidence of dinosaurs around.

Tee Rex Golf Cardiff

Check out our  Prehistoric Themed Bath Time. The perfect way to end a dinosaur-themed day.

Tee Rex Golf Cardiff

Even toddler Ms A was kept amused all the way around.

Tee Rex Golf Cardiff

The course surroundings were well established which made it feel like a prehistoric oasis we had stumbled upon. I can imagine that once the recently planted shrubbery grows it will be a real lost world.

Tee Rex Golf Cardiff

Tee Rex Golf Cardiff

You could combine some baking with the kids on a dinosaur-themed day before your visit. A perfect bake would be a super yummy Chocolate Dinosaurs Egg Filled Nest

Tee Rex Golf Cardiff

After our game we let the kids get some treats from the ‘snack shack’ and we were really pleased with the prices. They were really affordable and enough choice for us for snacks.

Tee Rex Golf Cardiff

All in all, it was a great afternoon’s fun and we are very much look forward to returning. You can find more info, prices, etc at Tee Rex Golf.


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