Fun ways to star gaze

Star Gazing Fun




Paddling Pool Star Gazing 

Dig out your paddling pool, throw in some pillows and blankies and head out for a night under the stars.



????????????STAR GAZING TENT????????????

I picked up a tent that had been abandoned in a rubbish pile at the end of the festival as it had a small tear in the top.

I cut off the roof and decorated the side with permanent marker pen and some glow in the dark paint.

All we need now is to wait for a beautifully clear skied night & fill it with blankies and cushions for a bit of star gazing. ????


????????Constellation Jar ????????

We made a constellation jar by painting a jar black and then scraping off the moon and stars.

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???????? Make an under table space rocket den!!????????

Some cardboard, tinfoil, blankies and a little imagination will have you zooming off into space…

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Under Table Space Rocket


????????Inflatable Boat Star Gazing????????

Why not blow up an inflatable boat for a bit of star gazing fun?


????????Constellation Cards????????

We made some constellation identification cards. We made holes in them so we could help ourselves learn the star patterns by threading with string.


????????SPACE TEA PARTY????????

We glued and stuck and collected all sorts of yummies and boarded our rocket to cruise in the stars. When we came back down to earth we gazed back at the solar system through our telescope before finally settling back down on the sofa with a bowl of pop corn and a space film.

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????????Star Gazing Trampoline Bed 

Throw a load of pillows and blanks on the trampoline for a spot of star gazing!

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Add some battery operated fairy lights for ambiance, forget the kids and have your own date night.

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Whatever you decide to do make sure you throw plenty of wishes at those shooting stars…

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