St Patrick’s Day, An Irish Themed Day

We decided to celebrate St Patricks day by learning all about Ireland…. Here’s how we did it….


We used empty baby food jars to make our St Patricks Day treats. We simply filled with Rolos & Skittles (gold & rainbow) & topped with marshmallows (a cloud)…. You could replace the skittles with smarties & serve as a bedtime treat with hot chocolate.


We made some marshmallows dipped in chocolate for St Patricks day, we melted the chocolate and added a few drops of green food colouring, we then cut out some shamrock using green paper which we sticky taped to cocktail sticks, we finished off with a packet of smarties and some gold chocolate coins (you could use Rolos)


We used a pepper cut in half to print shamrock patterns…


We did a simple shamrock hunt in the woods & then found the gold at the end of the rainbow…


We went searching for Shamrock, we found Clover which is in the same family.


We made some Irish flags for our scene setting.


We used a roll of rainbow wrapping paper to make our rainbow over the table and we cut out white clouds…


We used an old bottle that we filled with lime milkshake for breakfast..


For breakfast we had a fruit rainbow with yoghurt clouds and a shortbread biscuit.


We made place settings with cardboard.


We bought some traditional Irish food.


We made Irish stew..


We had our own yummy rainbow…


We looked at our globe to find out where Ireland is…


‘Lucky scratch cards’ I drew a design on a piece of card, I then mixed a few drops of washing up liquid with a small amount of silver acrylic paint. I covered the part of the scratch card design I wanted to be scratched with sticky tape and then painted over it, once dry our scratch cards were ready to try our luck


To finish our day us adults had a traditional taste of Ireland 🙂

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