Space Observatory Box

IMG_1125 (1)

Imagine having your very own personal space observatory to take you whizzing through the night sky, fancy it? Well the stars are within your reach because you can make your own with a box, a little paint, some stickers and an iphone or Tablet to view the sky.

Look how fab it looks…IMG_1122


Check the video out to see what it looks like inside HERE

Want your own? Here’s how it was made.

Choose a box. Cut off the top flaps.


Draw around the device you intend to use.


Carefully cut out the outline without cutting the flaps beneath..these will act as your shelf.

Glue the flaps beneath to the roof for extra support if they are loose.

IMG_1117 (1)Cut out a doorway.
IMG_1120 (1)Paint inside and out. We used a pot of emulsion we had kicking about in the garage.


Make some signs to stick on.IMG_1123

Stick them on.IMG_1127

Decorate with sticky stars if you wish. I used some glow in the dark wall stickers that I had bought in a hardware store a while ago.IMG_1126

Look on YouTube for a ‘flying through space’ video to play.

Pop your device in the top and away you go…….IMG_1109

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