Sleepover Kit And Birthday Ideas

sleepover ideas

Kids love sleepovers: movie nights, blankets on the lounge floor, birthday fun, manicures and midnight snacks…

We have a birthday sleepover in the house so I put together some birthday sleepover baskets. Most of the items can be picked up in pound stores.

Sleepover Ideas - Selfie Station

Sleepover Ideas - Hot Chocolate Station

Sleepover Ideas - Sweet Shop

If you like the idea of these, you could use them to start your own weekend family fun tradition of a

Weekend Box

Sleepover Ideas - Pancake Station

Take a peek at our other

Birthday Ideas

Sleepover Ideas - Rock Decorating Station

The rock hunting craze has swept across the country and is a fabulously fun way to get the kids enthused about getting outdoors.

Looking for a cool way to capture some keepsake birthday photos? Take a look at our easy and effective Birthday Silhouette Fun.

Sleepover Ideas - Pizza and Movie Night

Other sleepover ideas you could do include a Manicure Station, Pamper Station, Face masks fun, Birthday Cake Making Station.


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