It’s been a chaotic week here at Family Days, it feels like not much has been achieved as I seem to have concentrated more behind the scenes and a little less on the frontline, we’ve had various bugs accompany us for the last 4 days so have been graced with some of the children off school which is always a pain when school runs still need to be done for the uninfected ones.

Eventually we’ll all go down with it, one by one, it will come full circle and start again. The joys of primary school years. Seem to be well on top of the nits though, which is good.

I worked out today that I’ve been doing the school run solidly for 17 years, ironic really as I still don’t seem to have acquired the knack to sort my hair out or dress in anything other than ‘chuck em on’ clothes before I get to the school gates….. I have a few more years to perfect it though.

Between duvets on the sofa, work & chasing baby Noah we’ve still managed some sedate activities, Monday started off with a realisation that a dragon egg we were keeping in the airing cupboard had hatched overnight, Mila, 4 has spoke about little else all week and spent lots of time searching for signs of the newborn creature within the house, she’s even spent reoccurring moments pleading Mr Family Days to remove the tank from the cupboard so she can inspect behind it…..with a consistent refusal to do so she is now convinced the tank cupboard is a lair 🙂

We also decorated some pots ready to plant our sunflowers, made some pretty dolly jewellery & had a few disasters in the kitchen trying & testing our culinary skills. We escaped the kitchen & ventured into the garden to make our own outdoors theatre & started on remaking our outdoor mud pie cooking station. ….. Then the sun disappeared.

We also started on Fathers Day.

Tomorrow we have another birthday in the house, this time a 16th.

Ms Family Days shall be 16, she bought her very first pair of high heels. A far cry from the moment we trundled to the hospital with a 1/4 of liquorice torpedoes & a 1/4 of mini jelly babies to see us through labour. She’s such a fool, a gorgeous teenager with the world at her feet, not overly nimble & mainly happy in her own pit. Away from the limelight a lot but always behind the scenes. Easily flashed up but always willing to embrace with a smile. 16 years & she exudes more & more beauty in everything she does each day. She’s growing up.

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