Sending Pressies Home


A few weeks ago we received a surprise package sent to us from biggest Ms FD!

It seems she was missing her siblings whilst a million miles away at university and decided to send us a box full of fun via Wicked Uncle.

So we thought we’d have some fun and have a Roald Dahl inspired disco-style tea in the dark. Who wouldn’t love that?


The Wicked Uncle website allows you to select boy/girl or all and then the age of the child making it easier to find something to suit her siblings at home who are under 1, 4, 7, 11 and 12.

Our Pressies

Our pressies included:

  • Roald Dahl’s Completely Revolting Recipes book
  • A ball that bounces on water! Great to get the kids outdoors to search for giant puddles.
  • A fabulous LED disco light which responds to sound – awesome for parties.


The book is crammed full of all kinds of recipes and was a great gift especially as we LOVE Roald Dahl. We’ve been taking turns reading and it’s going to keep us going for ages. ‘A Plate of Soil and Engine Oil’ has already been requested. Thankfully it looks like a chocolatey delight so I’m looking forward to that.

Disco Dinner


We used some glowsticks to lay our table for a glow in the dark tea, and after dinner we had a boogie with our disco light. It really was oodles of fun.

The light is wall-mountable and the perfect addition for family fun, parties, special occasions etc. Quite frankly we’re not waiting for a special day to use this again as it gets switched on most days at the mo for a dance after school.


To fit in with our disco dinner we made some giant Jazzies. They were totally yummy and wonderfully colourful.


Saying Thank You

Along with our box of pressies came a great thank you postcard which was already labelled with biggest Ms FD’s address and pre-paid postage. We thought that this was lovely and very handy touch.


I also phoned Ms FD to thank her for thinking about us and she couldn’t speak highly enough of Wicked Uncle. She was super impressed with all the cool toys in one place and the ability to order on her phone within minutes. I’m assured there will be more gifts in the future!

Disclaimer: Biggest Ms FD arranged for a voucher from Wicked Uncle to purchase the toys. We’ve bought from Wicked Uncle before (and we will again!) We wouldn’t recommend a company we hadn’t used ourselves. The website has a handy filter to choose gifts by age which is a real help when buying pressies.

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