‘Seeing Out Summer’ Paper Lanterns

We decided we wanted to make some paper lanterns to help us say goodbye to the summer during a twilight walk.
We mainly used sticks & sticky tape, greaseproof paper (you can use tissue paper), some pva glue and battery operated fairy lights..

Here’s what we did…

20140826-115825-43105667.jpgwe made a frame using our sticks using sticky tape to tape them together..

We then added a little water to some pva glue (half water half glue) which we used to paint over both sides of some greaseproof paper, Mila did the same process using tissue paper. This made the paper more manageable when applying to our lantern frame.

We did this over and over carefully laying the sheets onto our lantern frames until they were covered on all sides except the bottom..



20140826-120403-43443155.jpgwe then hung them outside to dry..


20140826-120506-43506249.jpgonce dried we used a little garden wire threaded through the top which we attached to a bamboo cane to carry, we attached battery operated fairy lights to the garden wire inside of the lantern..

20140826-120657-43617078.jpgwe finished by covering the bottom of our lanterns with a piece of greaseproof paper which we secured with sticky tape..


20140826-120843-43723857.jpgwe then headed out as the sun went down for a lantern lit walk..

20140826-121727-44247597.jpgour lanterns turned out beautiful and we can’t wait to try different variations using leaves for the autumn and incorporating designs for Halloween and Christmas.

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