Searching for Mermaid Jewels

IMG_8464.JPGWe headed to the beach for a magical adventure searching for lost mermaid jewels.

Before we went I had been given some decorative plastic diamonds which can be bought in home ware stores or eBay. I placed them secretively in rock pools & wrote a message on a rock for the kids to find.

I wrote a message on a rock when the kids weren’t looking to install a magical element of mermaids…

IMG_8457.JPGThe kids then scoured through rock pools..

IMG_8461.JPGand then the first jewel was found..


IMG_8460.JPGfollowed by the discovery of a mermaid sponge made out of rock..

IMG_8456.JPGthey looked to the sea in the hope of a glimpse of mermaids playing in the waves and we’re sure we saw the tail of one disappearing beneath the rolling waves!

IMG_8454.JPGNoah even spent some time calling out to them..

IMG_8453.JPGthen we found some more! 5 altogether!!

IMG_8459.JPGour loot bag was full of shells, pebbles, driftwood & diamonds!

And then the most amazing and unbelievable thing happened which threw me….one of the children came to me with a jewel they had found but this time it was not a jewel I had secretly dropped!! On the vast stretch of beach whilst searching for mermaid jewels the children had ironically and crazily stumbled upon a diamond amongst the rocks that I definitely had not placed!! A million to one chance finding of a truly magical gem 🙂
(Not sure if it’s real but the magic most certainly is & maybe it’s just a case of believing!)


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