School Years Memory Frame

School Years Memory Frame

We all love to capture those first days of school photos and then carry on through the years adding to them as each new term begins. And with each new photo taken it becomes really evident just how fast they are growing.

But what do you do with those photos? Post them on Facebook, put them in a frame or just leave them on the PC. It’s so nice to look back at these photos and be reminded of just how little they were. They are precious.

And with this in mind, I wanted to come up with a way to keep and display these treasurable photos with the addition of something which would really capture their size and growth with each new term.

So I came up with the SCHOOL YEARS MEMORY FRAME.

The frame is intended to be used as a prop to use when taking photos of your child over the years as they grow. Along with the frame is a collection of envelopes.

One set of envelopes is to place letters in from yourself or your child as each term starts.

The other envelope is to place pieces of string that are cut to the measurement of your child’s height when each photo was taken to remember how big they actually were at that moment in time. The string is placed inside the envelope with a photo of your child.

The frame can then be hung on your child’s bedroom wall and can be added to over the years with photos and pictures, etc. It can be hung via a string line and mini pegs which can be easily detached each time the frame is needed to take a new photo.

School Years Memory Frame

School Years Memory Frame


We selected a large piece of sturdy cardboard and marked out our frame.

School Years Memory Frame

I cut the inside of the cardboard out to form the frame. I used some wooden skewers which I attached with sticky tape to strengthen the frame.

School Years Memory Frame

I decorated the frame with permanent marker pen and wrote out an envelope to represent each school year.

School Years Memory Frame

And that’s it! We headed out to capture our first photo which we took on a route to school.

School Years Memory Frame

School Years Memory Frame

Once we had taken our photos I used sticky tape to attach some string to the back of the frame to form a line to hang the envelopes from. Mini pegs are ideal for that but paper clips would work too.

Have you seen our


School Years Memory Frame

And then it was time to simply hang it on the wall.

School Years Memory Frame

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