School Runs & Tea

A poem about School Runs
It’s the fourth time I’ve snoozed,

the morning is streaming in bright.

And my first thought of the day

is to go to bed early tonight.

But I drag myself up

from my velcro-lined bed,

with a head that is fuzzy

and legs filled with lead.

And it’s done with encouragement,

with shouts from the kitchen.

A toddler wants breakfast

and an 8 year old’s bitchin’.

I put on the kettle,

like a ‘must have’ to succeed.

A morning time ritual

as the animals feed.

I step on a Barbie,

I kick a toy car.

I throw on my trousers

and yesterday’s bra.

I switch on the TV

to help me keep sane.

But it makes the kids bicker

and relatively lame.

I start on instructions,

screaming for shoes.

Rants for lost bobbles,

packed lunch crisps to choose.

I attempt multitasking,

clear the dishes away.

Pick up discarded jarmies

and start on my day.

I get requests for lost school books,

homework left lying around.

And we hunt for the hairbrush

that eludes to be found.

We dig out spare jumpers

to replace ones left at school.

The teenagers leave coats

because coats are not cool.

Then the kids appear ready,

as time turns to a race.

And as I hasten to kiss them

I see they’ve not washed their face.

So with a backpack that’s ready

I send them upstairs once more,

and await to check them over

as they head out the door.

I scrub off stray toothpaste,

zip up coats to their chin.

I pull up rolled socks

and tidy shirts not tucked in.

And finally they’re ready

and I wave them off with my pride,

and I skip through to the the kitchen

and find their lunch on the side.

So I run to the front door

and scream up the street.

Like a hollering fish wife

with no shoes on my feet.

And they quickly return

to grab the lunch left behind.

And I kiss them again

for the seventeenth time.

And then I realise I’ve done it,

the school run was achieved.

And I wade through the mess

and sit on the sofa relieved.

And then I ponder their absence

as I drink my cold tea.

Surrounded by calm

and cartoon TV.

(Mrs FD)

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