School Fundraising Ideas

School fundraising ideas

What does your children’s school do to raise school funds? What simple school fundraising ideas prove a big hit and are easily achievable? Need some more ideas? We put the question to our community of parents and they came back with some fantastic ideas to raise money.

Penny Trails

Collect coppers and each class competes against each other to see who has the longest trail.

Duct Tape Wall

duct tape wall - school fundraising ideas

At the School Fair/Fete why not sell strips of duck tape (donated by a parent) to tape a teacher to the wall? You need to sell enough so the teacher doesn’t fall when the chair is pulled out. It’s always been a big hit with the kids!

Rise and Shine jog

Children arrive at 8 am in PJs, do a sponsored run then go into the hall for cereal and toast.

Chips ‘n’ Chapters

Lots of book/reading-based activities and chips (donated by a local chip shop)/plus a hotdog. Tickets are sold for a small fee and teachers or parents give their time to facilitate.

Sausage ‘n’ Slippers

An evening of board games or movie watching whilst wearing slippers and/or PJs with a round of hot dogs too!

Penny Wars

Each class has a large money jar and parents bring in loose change. The class with the most money gets to choose what to spend their total on and the rest of the money collected from the other classes is given to the PTA.

You could make these Monster Men Bottle Banks for your class penny collections.

Monster Men Bottle Banks

Mother’s/Father’s Day bags

You pay a small price for your bag and then get a special bag with goodies in it. For example, a tea bag, brioche bun, mug, orange juice and a little keyring made by the child.

School Festival

Pop-up tents, face paints, live music, glow sticks, hair braiding and dancing. A perfect event for a summer’s evening.

Fruit Kebab Making Class

A masterclass in fruit preparation and chocolate yumminess. Use a chocolate fountain and some skewers.

Yule Log Creation Class

You’ll need Swiss rolls, tin foil-covered cardboard to use as trays, chocolate buttercream and decorations.

Secondhand Uniform Sales

Set up a wall or cupboard to display donated uniform for sale.

Wooden Garden Reindeer Making Class

The kids are supplied with logs and sticks to make reindeers as presents or to sell at the School Fair.

Wooden Garden Reindeer Making Class - school fundraising ideas

Silver Smarties

Give all the children a Smarties tube to take home and do chores to earn 20ps to fill it with.
Minimal effort but max £££.

Scarecrow Trail

This one takes a book more planning as you need to take over the village/neighbourhood for a weekend. Children make their own scarecrow for a donation fee and the school then publicise the event on Facebook, in local shops, etc with a donation given by participants.

Car Boot Sale 

Use the school car park for a car boot sale, selling the pitches in advance and charging a small entrance fee for the shoppers.

Drive-in Movies

Set up an outdoor screen in the school car park and sell tickets in advance for car parking spaces. Have popcorn and drinks for sale too.

Colouring Competition

50p to enter, Poundland hamper of creative stuff to win.

Eco Day

Once a year the children all make things from recycled items and parents are invited to their eco afternoon to purchase what they’ve made. Usually between £1 and £2 an item.


Bingo Nights

Print off your own bingo sheets to play.

Board Game Night

Everyone brings a duvet and a board game.

Drive Through Car Wash

Set up some buckets, sponges and polishing cloths (all from a pound store) and clean cars in the school car park. Get the kids to make some flyers to advertise locally.

Quiz Nights

Gather the family or just teams of children for a quiz night. Small entry fee and a prize for the winning team or their names on a regular leaderboard displayed in the school.

Movie Night

Bring slippers, duvets and watch a movie in the school hall for a small fee.

Takeaway Night 

Chippy chips or Mcdonalds – get the kids to vote.

Make Your Own Pizza Night

Kids make pizza.

Bedtime Story Evenings

Where the kids come along ready for bed and listen to stories read by the teachers.

Festive Film Night

A film, chocolate selection box or popcorn and hot chocolate.


Mix-Up Mondays

Bags of mix-ups from the sweet shop.

Pancake Tuesdays

Crepes for sale after school on the yard with the help of a super duper day pancake maker.

Winter Warmer Wednesdays

Hot chocolate sold after school on the yard.

Crispy Cake Thursday

Chocolate crispy cakes for sale after school on a Thursday.

Freeze Pop Friday

Ice lollies for sale on the yard on a Friday.

Schools Out End of Term Pocket Monday Friday

A selection of pound store items for sale, pocket money toys, pens, pencils, playing cards, dominoes, etc.


School Fete ideas - school fundraising ideas

Hook A Duck

Fill a paddling pool with water and ducks then use a net to fish them out. Ducks with an x marked on the underneath win a prize.

Adopt a Teddy Stall

Parents donate good quality preloved teddies and toys. Each toy gets given a name and you pay £1, pick a name from the hat and take that toy home.


Donations from parents of tins, bottles, etc. Attach a raffle ticket on each item and the corresponding ticket in a box to be picked out.

Silent Auction in a Red Letter-style Day

Suggested prizes could be signed boxing gloves, a football party, holiday camp days, children’s books box sets or tennis lessons.

Book Sale

Set up a permanent book sale point in the school where children can buy books for a really small fee. The fee can be reduced if a book is exchanged for another.

Decorate and Fill Bag

Children are given paper bags to decorate and fill with items and then sold.

Pan For Gold

Spray paint gravel gold and then drop into a troth of water and sand. Children then use a sieve to find it.

Coconut Shy

Who doesn’t love a coconut shy?

Coconut shy - school fundraising ideas
Donkey Rides

Ask a local farm to bring donkeys to the school field to charge for rides.

Decorate Cookie Stall

Always a winner! A packet of digestive biscuits, icing and some sprinkles.


Christmas Fair Ideas - school fundraising ideas

Lucky Snowman Nose Dip

Fill a box with shredded paper and add 20 carrots (snowman noses). Paint some of them gold and those who pick out a golden carrot win a prize.

Snowman nose lucky dip - school fundraising ideas

Bauble Fishing

Fill a paddling pool with water and Christmas baubles. Then fish out the baubles with a net. Each bauble has a different coloured spot, each colour representing a prize.

Check out our family Magical Christmas Traditions and Fun!

Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Pin The Nose On Rudolph - school fundraising ideas

Tinsel Pull

Wrap a large cardboard box in festive paper and put several holes in the side. Poke different lengths of tinsel into the holes. The players that pull the long ones out win a prize.

Christmas Pudding Biscuit Decorating

Chocolate digestive biscuits, some white icing and small sweets for decorations.

Christmas Pudding Biscuit Decorating - school fundraising ideas

Where in the World is Santa?

Use an inflatable globe and get the children to mark on it where Santa is delivering his presents. At the end, the one who marked the closest wins a prize.

Antler Toss

Make a Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer from cardboard and kids try and throw rings over the antlers.

Antler Toss - school fundraising ideas

Santa Hat Toss

Stick party hats to a mat and kids try and get hoops over the hats.

Santa Hat Toss - school fundraising ideas

Snowball Shoot

Paint or draw a large snowman on cardboard and kids have to throw balls into the holes on the tummy and for the mouth. You could you ping pong balls or get the kids to make pom poms in class that day.

Snowball Shoot - school funraising ideas

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