Rudolph Christmas Cards

Rudolph Christmas Cards

How adorable is this Rudolph Christmas card? Imagine how lovely it would be to receive it. And it’s so easy to make!

Everyone loves a handmade card and this one combines nature crafting with the most simplest of instructions to produce a cute rustic-feeling keepsake card.

It was so easy that the toddler made it. And we didn’t even need any glue!

Here’s what you’ll need.

Rudolph Christmas Cards

*Some leaves for Rudolph’s antlers which you can be picked up on a walk (getting outdoors is always a bonus and using nature’s treasures means it’s free!)

*A piece of brown card (we used an old box which we cut up!)

*A red pom pom for the nose

*Some googly eyes (You can get them in a pack with lots of pom poms too.)
Note, I may receive a small commision if you buy via this link:

*Some Blu-tack (to attach the antlers, eyes and nose)


Firstly we cut our card into the shape for a reindeer head. Remember to keep the two heads joined along one a fold.

Rudolph Christmas card

Then we used our Blu-tack to attach the googly eyes, leaf antlers and the pom pom nose. And that was it!

Rudolph Christmas cards

All that’s left to do is write inside.

Rudolph Christmas cards

Boo was really pleased with her Rudolph card!

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