Resolutions For 2019

2019 is going to be a year to grasp onto self worth with a knowledge that I’m good enough…I will listen to friendships & relationships that speak for themselves, and stop running…

🙌💕 2019 Resolutions

Next year just like the last one,
I’ll wear my heart upon my sleeve,
But I’ll wear it there with caution
And I’ll have some self belief.
I’ll hold the thought I’m worthy
And I don’t need to impress
And realise that my real true friends
Will accept my house a mess
I’ll be thoughtful to those around me
But I’ll remember my true wealth
And embrace that I’m important
And stay true to myself.
I won’t give myself to takers
That don’t give me back their time
And I’ll think about me more often
And remember self care is just fine.
I’ll immerse myself in family
But just the ones that really care
And I’ll hold the two way relationships
And value the friendships truly there
I’ll stop running towards acceptance
And let go of those that never wait
I won’t run to hold a friendship
And l’ll let go of those that only take.
I’ll grow a thicker outer skin
And remember the importance that’s inside,
And I’ll discard those that do not value me
And realise that choices are still mine.
And I’ll let go of those that I see make time
But don’t make time for me,
The ones that say they care for you
But in reality don’t turn around to see,
That you are giving up your precious time,
To be left out in the cold,
So with eloquence I’ll just step back
And loosen up my hold.
I’ll still give myself completely though
With compassion and with care
But I won’t hold onto false hoping
For the friendships that aren’t really ever there,
But mostly I’ll remember those,
That accept the person that I am
Who see my up days and my down days too,
But still maintain a desire to hold my hand.
But I’m going to stop the running,
To those that do not run to me,
And appreciate the ones who care,
And embrace me for all they see.
So i’m going into the New Year,
With a resolution that’s for me,
To only give my time to those,
That accept me for what they see.
And to value myself more preciously,
With an outlook that I’m enough,
And to only ensure that those I’m surrounded by,
Are the ones that care enough to throw back to me my love.

❤️ Mrs FD

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