Remember These – A Blast From The Past

The smell of Vosene hair shampoo always reminds me of being little.

Tomato soup reminds me of little jelly plastic men that we used to throw at the wall and they’d stickley crawl down. I remember slides in the park as high as houses and snooker on a black & white TV at my nan’s house whilst lounging on her bed dressed in pastel-striped sheets.

 Downstairs we would put 50p in the side of the TV and hide behind the sofa when the gas man came or under the stairs when it thundered. Shire horses and rainbow-coloured glass fish on the mantlepiece and a little glass Bambi figure. Corona bottles stashed to return for a refund and scouring the streets for ring pulls and lollipop sticks with jokes on them. Our choice of crisps was always cheese & onion, roast beef, salt ‘n’ vinegar or prawn cocktail unless a packet of salt ‘n’ shake was on offer. Salt ‘n’ vinegar was blue!

The holidays always seemed to be sunny. I remember jelly shoes and wearing one of each colour and the jelly bags that accessorised with them, and marvelling at girls from the high school who would seemingly use a whole can of hairspray a day.

I remember my gold fold-up bike, a yo-yo ball on a string and two mojos for 1/2p. I remember £1 notes. I remember the Banana splits & Worzel Gummidge on a Sunday.

I remember the joy of Woolworths & HMV when I got my first Saturday job.

Tonight, 30 years on I washed my hair with Vosene shampoo whilst bathing in Matey bubble bath. It’s funny what you remember.

Here’s a collection of memories to make you smile


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