Recycled Mummy Lanterns


Recycled Mummy Lanterns

We love Halloween here and especially the light up in the dark element. It can be a time to really get creative and the kids love to get hands-on making decorations and setting the scene for spooky fun!

Best of all is that it doesn’t have to be an expensive affair and it’s quite easy to stray away from the commercialism of the shops and make your own things from stuff you already have in the craft box, raiding recycle boxes and using items you have around the house.

We decided that we wanted to make some lanterns as an alternative to pumpkin carving. So we came up with an idea to turn some used milk cartons in mummy lanterns!


Washed out milk cartons

A permanent marker pen

A string of battery operated led fairy lights (available in most pound stores)

Some sticky tape

Recycled Mummy Lanterns

Firstly we thoroughly washed out our cartons with warm soapy water before ensuring the outside was completely dry to use our marker pens on.

We love a bit of recycled crafting and often use milk cartons and jars to make things.

Recycled Mummy Lanterns

We then used our marker pens to draw our mummy designs. It’s a really simple design – easy enough for the kids to do!

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Recycled Mummy Lanterns

Once we’d finished our designs it was time to attach our lights.

Recycled Mummy Lanterns

We did this by using sticky tape to attach the lights to the back of the milk cartons.

Recycled Mummy Lanterns

Easy peasy and so effective! They looked wonderful.

These could easily be adapted for an Autumn display or Christmas too. 

Recycled Mummy Lanterns

Why not give it a go? They are sure to make a fabulous talking point at any Halloween party and the kids will be super chuffed at their makes.

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