Rainbow Mini Toddler Adventure at Lydney Park

 As part of our ongoing toddler mini adventure series aimed at making the most of the pre-nursery time remaining with Noah before he heads off to school in September, endeavouring to slow down & embracing our time together, today we went on a colours of the rainbow hunt with Noah…

This also formed part of our local places exploration..

We went to Lydney Park spring gardens, nr Chepstow…..it was an absolutely beautifully stunning place & the perfect place for a colourful adventure with or without the kids… There was so much more to see there but our objective was to find colours…
You can find more details of admissions & opening times at http://www.lydneyparkestate.co.uk/gardens.html
Here’s how our day looked ????

We found blue..
and green..
and red…

yellow (on the way there!)

 Lots of pink…

we even stopped for an orange 🙂

There was plenty to explore…

The gardens were stunning…& the colours kept coming…






There  was lots of beauty to see, together with a tea room, a museum & a deer park where you could picnic!


We finished our rainbow hunt with a colourful picnic…..

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