Quality Time Sunrise At The Severn Bridge

IMG_1737 (1)Quality time with children is so important. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting up at the crack of dawn to spend an hour together. We literally dragged ourselves out of our pits before the sun rose and it was so worth it.

We took a chance as it was quite cloudy when we looked out the window but we didn’t let it put us off… just myself, the 10 year old, some hot chocolates on route and a pot of bubbles.

We went to the foot of the Severn bridge that divides Wales from England.

We didn’t see the sun on the horizon but instead just had the company of a glowing blushing sky until it pleasingly surprised us and peeped through the bank of low lying cloud and treated us to a gorgeous start to the day…just the two of us, sloppy clothes, bed hair and non important chat and silences that mean the world.

We returned home as the world began to wake up and crept back into the house as everyone slept.
Quality time can be so hard to find sometimes but just an hour at a ridiculous time of the day can go a long way…

We parked alongside the play park which is located behind the hairdressers (drive down the path adjacent to the Salon) in Post office row Map Here, we then walked over the playing fields to get to the stray shore.

Here’s how our mini adventure looked…IMG_1744


IMG_1739 (1)

IMG_1736 (1)

IMG_1745 (1)




It really was a lovely morning that we’ll remember forever 🙂

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