Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Pumpkins are a fabulous part of autumn and they have so many uses. From pumpkin soup to carving they are great for keeping everyone busy and entertained. And they are not just for Halloween.

We decided that we wanted to use our pumpkin to make a bird feeder for the garden.


A small pumpkin

Tin foil



String to hang

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

First of all, we cut our pumpkin in half before scooping out the seeds.

I then used a screwdriver to make three holes to tie our string and three holes to poke our sticks into for the birds to sit on.

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

I made sure to poke some holes into the bottom of the pumpkin so any rainwater that collected could drain out.

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Pumpkin Bird Feeder

I then put in some tin foil to hold the birdseed ensuring again to make some holes to let rainwater drain out.

Boo then tipped in our birdseed.

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

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Finally, we tied the string evenly and tied it onto our washing line.

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

Now to wait for our garden feathered friends to visit.

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

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