Promise – 3 Weeks Old

3 weeks old..  

I like to watch you sleeping

Still curled up from the womb

Now outstretched with no limits

with the whole world as your room

I listen to your noises

I watch you scrunch your nose

I inspect your delicate fingers

And your teeny weeny toes
I marvel at your features

I can’t believe the life I made

You’re a bundle of perfection

there’s nothing that I’d change

I see your rosebud lips all crumple

And inhale the smell that’s in your hair

I lay beside you and absorb you

I lay beside you and just stare
And even though you’re brand new

It’s like we’ve always known

This little boy that’s graced our lives

And slotted firmly in our home
I give you all your hopes and dreams

I send you all your wishes

And on your nose I place my lips

And plant a thousand kisses

It’s like we’ve already met you

and we already hold your heart

and everyone has adored you

completely from the start
And as I stare at you just sleeping

I whisper promises to you

and I hope you’ll carry all those promises in everything you do
I promise to always to be your confidant

to always catch your smile

To take time to hold the moment

and sit for just a while
To give to my shoulder

to remain a listening ear

to comfort you through loneliness

To comfort you through fear
I promise to always catch your teardrops

and to comfort you when down

and to make you laugh wholeheartedly

and make smiles out of your frowns
I will hold you up when falling

or sit alongside you when you need

I will be right there beside you

or follow closely as you lead
I will let you grow and flourish

I’ll stand back and watch you fly

and even when you’re far away

I’ll still be by your side

And I hope you feel my promises

sent as I watch you sleep

Just 3 weeks old, you have my word

These are promises I will keep..
Mrs FD ❤️



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