Pregnancy Is…

Ultimately pregnancy is….having ups and downs for 9 months, watching your body grow, feeling precious kicks and spending time barfing up unexpectedly…pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotions, sometimes a dark existence but mostly a beautiful one…..pregnancy is seeing out the journey and meeting the most gorgeous little person in the world that you have intricately grown and nurtured for 9 months….pregnancy is….falling in love with someone before you meet them. ❤️

⭐️Being constantly hungry but not fancying anything.
⭐️Having Gaviscon on prescription from the pharmacy.
⭐️Having the ability to intensely clean the house, every crevice, nook and cranny from top to bottom.

 ⭐️Painting things that don’t look clean.
⭐️Knowing you are pregnant because your teeth feel weird.
⭐️Never feeling alone.
 ⭐️Delegating the upkeep of your lady garden to your partner.
⭐️Having swollen (elephant) feet.
⭐️Having somebody put your socks on for you.

 ⭐️Throwing up for nine months but still in explicable really gaining excessive amounts of weight. Sitting down on the floor and struggling to get back up.
⭐️Getting somebody to paint your toenails.
⭐️Viewing everything on the floor that needs picking up as your biggest enemy.
 ⭐️Needing to contemplate sneezing and crossing your legs and bracing yourself before doing so.

⭐️Obsessing over crushed ice.

⭐️Constant consumption of crisps sandwiches.

⭐️Being an excuse for people to comment about your body.
 ⭐️Understanding how a Weeble feels.

⭐️Raiding the fridge at 2 AM as normality.

⭐️Birth plans… 


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