Pizza Box Portable Art Box

Pizza Box Portable Art BoxEver wondered where to keep all those pictures that the kids come home from school with? No more space on the side of the fridge? Well here’s your answer…Pizza Box art boxes! And they also double up as portable art boxes too.

We went to our local pizzeria and asked if we could have some large boxes to transform, and we quickly set to work You could always treat yourselves to a pizza instead!

Firstly I folded the boxes out flat. I then folded them back up the opposite way to make them blank on the outside ready for the children to decorate.

I wrote the children’s names on them before giving them the boxes to decorate themselves…

They had fun personalising them.

And when they were finished they found some of the artwork that they had previously done to fill them with for safekeeping. It worked a treat.

These would be ideal to use if you fancied becoming Outdoor Artists.

They were really proud of there work!

And they were ideal to fill with some colouring pens and paper to take outdoors to become outdoor artists!

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