Pebble Nativity

Pebble Nativity

A nativity scene is a really lovely display to bring into your home at Christmas and a good reminder of the story of Christmas.

We decided that we wanted to make our own out of natural materials so headed to the beach to pick up some pebbles and it turned out lovely.




Pebbles & driftwood


Tissue paper

Loom bands

Tin foil

Pebble Nativity - choosing pebbles

Firstly and most importantly we visited the beach, and everyone took joy in picking up pebbles.

Pebble Nativity - choosing the stones

We chose what pebbles would be the heads and which would be the bodies.

Pebble Nativity

For Mary & Joseph we attached tissue paper to the heads with loom bands.

Pebble Nativity

We made the crowns for the wise men and stuck them on with Blu-tack.

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Pebble Nativity

We used sticks of driftwood for the wise men’s crooks.

And different coloured pebbles for the Gold, Frankinsence and Myrrh.

Pebble Nativity

We used a limpet shell placed on top of a piece of driftwood for our manger.

We filled it with sea grass.

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We finished our nativity scene by placing some fallen needles from a fir tree on the stable floor.

If you have more time you could make a stable out of a box or some pieces of driftwood.

Our Nativity scene shall be sitting on the book shelf.

Pebble Nativity

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