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Outdoor Wordsearching


Today we decided that we wanted to go for an adventure in search of a waterfall….

We love the outdoors and adore nothing better than popping on our wellies during the winter months and heading out to explore, sometimes we just walk and make use of all the natural beauties around us but other times we use small gestures to turn a simple walk into a fun adventure….

With the 5 year old taking a real interest in his word building lately i thought it would be a good idea to incorporate his enthusiasm for reading into our walk, so with a bag of scrabble letters i told the kids that along the way they needed to keep an eye out for letters and we would do some word building with those we found….our very own real life wordsearch.

So along with collecting the usual arm fulls of sticks they set about searching for letters too..

I placed the letters in different places when they weren’t looking…

and they had mega fun finding them..

a quick stop to play pooh sticks..

We found a cave along the way which belonged to a dragon!

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and it wasn’t long before they had oodles of letters to make some words.

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The kids had a fab time and loved word searching!


No matter what you do to make being outdoors fun for children always remember that it’s the memories of being together that matter the most.

If a little bribery is what it takes to get the kids enthused about walking then you’ve nothing to lose and plenty of fresh air to gain.

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