Ocean View Outdoor Spa

20140701-203706-74226820-1After returning from a week at a festival we decided we needed a little restoration & recovery time, so we collected up some things to make our own treatment couch & beach spa & headed for the ocean to cleanse & lift our souls…

We used two strong plastic storage boxes to carry what we needed and once at the beach we lay these side by side and covered them with towels to make our spa couch, we set up next to a sea water rock pool that would act as one of our treatments.

With a quick stop off at Tesco for supplies we headed on down to Rest Bay with a cool box of yummies & ice….

Here’s how we got on.

First we made a treatment sign..

20140701-203630-74190283.jpgthen we found a beautiful spot to set up..

20140701-203706-74226820.jpgwe used some pebbles which we wrote on with sharpie marker pens that were warmed by the sun, we placed them on our muscles and relaxed to absorb and top up our zap, enthusiasm, sparkle, flow, energy and get up and go..





20140701-204034-74434433.jpgwe placed refreshing cucumber on our eyes..

20140701-204112-74472889.jpgwe made some refreshing lemonade with sparkling water, lemons & sugar.




20140701-204409-74649734.jpgwe had bubble gun splash treatments to gentle tingle our senses


We treated ourselves to some deep cool sand body wraps..

20140701-205045-75045944.jpgwe turned a rock pool into an invigorating ice cube deep chill auto awakening pool..

20140701-205252-75172989.jpgwe put our feet in and filled it with ice..

20140701-205338-75218646.jpgeveryone took turns to have a treatment..


20140701-205418-75258312.jpgwe finished wish plenty of refreshing paddling in the sea and some fruit!

20140701-205521-75321228.jpgeveryone loved the outdoor spa and we all returned home refreshed by the sea breeze and cleansed inside and out ๐Ÿ™‚

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