North Pole Get Along Pole

North Pole Get Along Pole

After arguing, griping, groaning, picking, prodding, sniping & bickering with each other for 24 hours I decided it was about time the kids learnt a few lessons in getting along, teamwork, helping hands & working together.

We achieved this with a carpet role tube we had found discarded on the roadside for the bin men to collect.

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So the preteens set about transforming the tube into a North Pole sign….mutually agreed.
IMG_9798.JPGThey covered the tube with white paper and strips of red paper..IMG_9799.JPGthey used a piece of card to make The North Pole arrow..
Finally we used an old mirror ball which we taped to the top..

IMG_9797.JPGWith our pole made we set out to find somewhere to stand it…it was their mission to use teamwork to carry it together.
So we headed to a hill in the middle of the forest.
Here’s how we got on…

IMG_9796.JPGMila was responsible for carrying the sign that we’d attach to the pole.


IMG_9791.JPGThey worked well together and collapsed in a heap at the top.

They took turns choosing a spot to place the pole…


IMG_9793.JPGand finally they agreed on a spot… mutually.

IMG_9792.JPGWe spent some time absorbing the falling sun.


IMG_9788.JPGBefore we headed back down…using teamwork….

IMG_9781.JPGNo arguments….

IMG_9779.JPGand getting along as we went ūüôā

They worked well together and a good amount of calm was restored between them….everyone should own a get along pole….


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