Never Lose Sight

Never Lose Sight

If I could bottle up these moments,
Just to hold on to them tight,
To remember your littleness
To remember these sights
When you needed each other
And your bond warmed my heart
When you crept back for a cuddle
In the night through the dark.

I want to remember your smallness
The friendship you formed
As you adventured through childhood
And each other adorned
Whilst you played side by side
With imaginations grand
As you read books all cosy
And held onto hands.

I want to remember these moments,
As you forged out a bond
And grew up with a closeness
And were equally fond
Of those times spent together
As a friendship grew strong
And it was clear that you’d sit side by side
In a place you felt you belonged
With a partner in crime
A pod you were peas
A protection you formed
An alliance at ease…

And I want to remember these moments,
As you combine your heart
And you build up a closeness
That won’t fall apart.

And I hope it remains
And whilst your smallness grows tall
And you always are ready
When either of you fall
And you’ll hold onto those times
And you’ll never lose sight
Of those times when you slept peaceful
With a bond that will always be tight.

(Mrs FD)

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