Nature Butterfly Wings

Natural Butterfly Wings

How cute are these butterfly wings?

The outdoors has such a wealth of natural goodies to find and is perfect for nature crafts and building imagination through play. And best of all it’s free and incredibly good for the soul.

Leaves and blossom are a fabulous resource for everyday activities. There’s nothing humble about a leaf. They are super to use in a million ways.

With this in mind, we wanted to make the most of autumn arriving and headed out on a nature treasure hunt. We decided to put a spin on the everyday tick list and make it a more interactive activity. We had made autumn crowns in the past so built on this idea with the introduction of a pair of butterfly wings.

Before going on a walk, we made the butterfly wings with a piece of card that we covered in double-sided sticky tape, plus some string to tie them on. We then set out and collected fallen flowers, petals and foliage to stick onto the wings.

These could easily be a pair of woodland fairy wings too. Whatever your imagination desires.

  • Cut out to the desired size.
  • Cover the ‘wings’ in double-sided sticky tape.
  • Add a length of string to tie onto the shoulders.
Natural Butterfly Wings

As you can see, we cut out our wing shape from one big piece of cardboard and then we covered one side of it in double-sided sticky tape. We made a few holes which we threaded our string through (we could only find wool on the day!) and tied over each shoulder to fit comfortably.

Boo loved collecting petals and leaves to stick onto her wings. Check out the video of the wings in action!

Natural Butterfly wings

You could easily adapt the design to be a nature superhero cape, or whatever your imagination desires.

We’ve plenty more nature play ideas and our beach activities are a great excuse to head to the seaside.

We always love to see what you’ve been doing too.

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