My Fairy Tale Is You

You should have been in bed

grasping at slumber behind closed eyes

adventuring into dreamland

as your childhood raced on by

we could of read a book

shared a fairy tale or two

but instead we headed out the door

pulling on our shoes

we abandoned all our routine

and chose to go and walk

and sit beneath the setting sun

and replace our story time for talk

we didn’t fret for bedtime

we didn’t fret for time

I held your hand in company

& in turn you too held mine

we watched the daytime ending

we watched the daylight fade

I tucked the moment in my heart

and the memory that we’d made

we only took 10 minutes

with a different kind of scene

and a bedtime with a difference

and a mummy daughter team

we forgot about all others

we adventured all alone

we pulled on shoes together

just us, just on our own

but we could of read a book

a fairy tale or two,

but our story’s in the making

and my fairy tale is you…

Mrs FD

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