Money Can’t Buy You Love

With another child soon to enter the mix I find myself wondering how we’ll fair. Sure there’s more than enough love to go around but is there enough money? Then I remind myself…
Sometimes I do wish I had pots of money, hoards of it. Disposable cash to throw around frivolously. To jet off to the sunshine. Money to burn. Money to buy a big house, a big car, to not worry about mots and insurances. A holiday home by the sea. A cabin in the woods with a hot tub. Money to show the kids the world a little further than a stones throw away from our own doorstep. Money that would allow us to have the heating on all day long as if we were cats lapping up the heat, money that would allow us to fill a shopping trolley without a second thought, money to treat the kids without any ‘we’ll see later’s’ that don’t materialise.

Money to go to zoos, theme parks, fancy restaurants. Money that would stop us thinking about money.


But then I take heed to the reality of what being skint means. The ethos and richness it really gives us, the lesson it teaches our children, the true value of being skint, the richness it holds, it’s worth that we overlook….It means we’re teaching the kids to grasp onto real value, to look at the world around them in a different light, to see things that pots of money would make them miss. To realise that the sun still shines regardless of how full or empty your pockets are, the fullness of your heart can be a measure of how rich you really are. To make use of what you have. It teaches our children to work out for themselves that being rich doesn’t come in a purse, that there are treasures to behold in simplicity….memories to be made that cannot be bought.

Being rich is grabbing the day. Investing in time. Absorbing the simplest of things for their precious worth. 

It’s not about the most expensive wellies or raincoats made for mountains you’ll never climb. It’s not about sumptuous foods when fish and chips by the sea with rosey cheeks are the perfect accompaniment. It’s not about star lit cruises when you can step outside and see the moon whilst standing next to someone you love.
That’s what I console myself in.
That’s the value I want my children to reach for.

The value that is embedded in the world around around them and simplicities free for all to enjoy..

That’s the richness I want them to have.

Money doesn’t buy you time.

It doesn’t buy you happiness.

It won’t enable you to realise your true worth.

And love, well that’s just a gift to share and if you have love then you can turn the world with it.

But sometimes I do wish I had a few pots, even if it’s just to remind me that I’m already richer than I’ll ever know.
Sometimes I wish my house would clean itself too.

Some things are just never gonna happen.

I don’t have endless money. I pay the bills, I’ve a roof over my head…. But I am rich, ridiculously rich in so many ways, I already own the most precious treasures in the world in the form of love and a family that holds my heart, and the love that surrounds me is precious and the memories I’m able to make with empty pockets is invaluable.

Money can’t buy you love, because you already own it…


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