Minion Lunch Pails


What can you do with an empty cheese ball caddy? How about making minion lunch pails…
Here’s how I did it…

I collected together coloured paper, glue, some black pipe cleaners, some colouring pens and string..


I used a glue stick to attach some yellow paper to the caddy and then loosely attached some blue on so I could draw the minions dungarees ready to cut out.

Once I was happy with the dungarees shape I gently removed it and cut out the dungarees, added stitching detail & a logo’d pocket with a marker pen and used the glue stick to attach it back onto the yellow paper.



I then cut out some eyes and a mouth and added detail with a marker pen, I added a circle of yellow paper to the lid and carefully made some holes to poke through our black pipe cleaners for our minions hair.

Finally I made a hole either side of the caddy and threaded through some string to create our handle.



I lined the inside with a napkin & made a small picnic to fill our pail…

(You could also cover your minion with clear tape to make it last longer.)



And then we headed out to find a spot to enjoy our minion picnic.

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