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I thought I’d take a moment to say hello and let you know who we are and what ‘Family Days Tried And Tested ‘ is all about.

Our Facebook Page was started first and from having fun there it’s grown into a lovely community so we jumped into the big wide world of blogging.

We’re a family living in South Wales in the UK and we have 8 children, 26, 21, 14, 12, 9, 6, 3 and our newest addition arrived in August 2017. Our quietest member of the family watches over us and is nestled in our hearts andleft us in 2006; she’s the one who gave us an appreciation for life.

Our ethos is to live each day to its fullest, whether that be indoors or out. We’re working class and skint like most people but like to try and show others that fantastic childhood memories can be achieved with barely a penny in your pocket.

We’re lovers of the outdoors and love to explore mountains, coastlines and forests. We rarely do admission fees and most often take advantage of the big wide world just beyond our own doorstep. We predominantly adventure off the beaten track within the Wye Valley, The Brecon Beacons National Park and around the South Wales coastline, and we write about where we go to enable and inspire others to explore too.

We believe in all the simple things that you can do to make childhood magical & fairy dust is always carried in my pocket, along with oodles of imagination.

We also believe in the reality of life so along with sharing the ups within our everyday family life we also share the downs. I’ve no shame in sharing the family dysfunction that we believe is a normality.

With the beauty of an iPhone I post any activities that I do with the kids, mainly during the week, and at the weekends our posting becomes more mobile as we head out.

We try not to let the weather dampen us and regularly explore with a raincloud overhead and a cake in hand.
I also post things that personally make me smile and I can have a tendency to ramble on about random things on occasion. I try to use my postings to help myself absorb moments in parenting which I’d like to remember forever. I have plenty of mummy moments.

I’m quite partial to a photo or two… or twenty five.

My spelling often evades me and I frequently make mistakes in my postings. Feel free to pull me up but please don’t be nasty about it.

The main author of our Facebook page is me (Mrs FD) but Mr FD pops in from time to time for a dabble too.

Feel free to share anything you see on Family Days Tried And Tested and we always love to hear if we’ve inspired you to do something. Please do engage with our Page/blog as it really helps to keep us going.

We believe that as a Page/blog everyone should feel comfortable so we encourage a live and let live community. Everybody has a voice and a right to an opinion but please be nice to each other even if you don’t agree. We all do things differently on our parenting journey but we all strive for the same outcome-children who’ve had a happy childhood.

And that’s about it.

Welcome to Family Days Tried And Tested, and for those who’ve been around for a while thanks for staying.

Let’s get this blogging adventure on the road!

We hope you enjoy adventuring through childhood with us with dysfunction and love in tow.

The Family Days crew.

Please feel free to come and join our Facebook Community where our daily parenting journey lives.

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