Many Hands Make Light Work – Casdon Flymo Toy Lawnmower

Casdon Flymo Toy Lawnmower review

Since embarking on our renovation adventure of Holly House a few months ago we have had one main mission for the summer: to bring the churchyard back under control and to try to turn it back into a well-maintained and beautiful place for the community to enjoy.

This means we have spent many long days kicking about in the churchyard as we work hard mowing the lawn, cutting back bushes and tackling years worth of ivy and bramble growth, and it’s been a real family affair. 

During these ‘working’ days all the children have helped out, manning tools and getting hands-on in the process, even Jude. But being just shy of two years old we have been limited in letting him use the real tools. So when we were asked if we’d like to try out the Casdon Flymo, it was the perfect opportunity for him to feel really involved with the works.

And he loved it! 

Casdon Flymo Toy Lawnmower review
Noah got to open the box.

It’s pretty much an exact replica of the real thing without the dangers of electric and blades. There’s a ‘push along mechanical clicking noise’ which gives Jude the impression that it’s working. He has been in his element ‘mowing’ the grass alongside us! 

It’s been fab to make him feel involved and a great role play toy that has been used both inside and out. 


AD – We have been gifted the Casdon Flymo Lawn Mower for the purpose of this review.

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